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Tom Scott’s Things You Might Not Know


Every now and again I mention something that Tom Scott is up to, whether it’s running for parliament, presenting a slideshow about data privacy, presenting a TV show on Sky One or any one of the other interesting, creative or just plain silly things that he does.

His latest thing is a series of videos called ‘Things You Might Not Know‘. A new video is posted almost, but not quite every day, containing a fact that you may not know, and the explanation for it. Sometimes, they show you how to do things – how to make really alcoholic jelly shots or how to throw a bucket of water at someone without getting them too wet. Others, such as this one about the Emirates Airline cable car in London, answer a question. But they’re all interesting, and usually no more than a couple of minutes long.

So far almost all of the videos have indeed been about something I didn’t know. The only exceptions are the secret button on pedestrian crossings and Platform 9 3/4 is in the wrong place.

Posting a video every day requires quite a lot of effort and I’m sure Tom spent a lot of last year planning and filming these. So, go and watch them to show him that they were worthwhile. And you may learn something that you didn’t know.

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